Waxing Lyrical – Other Voices 2017

Waxing Lyrical – The Tape.

Following on from the success of Waxing Lyrical 2016, which explored the use of vinyl records in art, this year we dissect The Tape.

While some of the artists in this show have been challenged to explore the medium for the first time, others have made art inspired by tapes for decades.  The artists have also been invited to write about their artworks for the exhibition. Using the cassette tape and its innards as a medium, the artists unravel human stories of love and loss, nostalgia, found sound, human consciousness, and more.

Horace Panter who is best known as bassist with ‘The Specials’:

‘I’ve always believed that pop art was to the art world what punk rock was to the music world so in a lot of ways I really relate the creativity of art and music very closely together.’

After the terrible loss of his former band members Terence Hannum ( Locrian ) spends

‘..a lot of time destroying cassettes and reconfiguring their entrails into something new.’  This helps him to ‘open the wound and peer inside’.

There is also a focus on Brian Hegarty’s contemporary Irish cassette label thirtythree-45, as well as archival specimens of the ’80s and early ’90s compilation tape era from DJ Cian O’Cíobháin.

The results of this project will be revealed in the eir Other Voices Hub opposite Benner’s Hotel on Main Street, Dingle.

There will be two performances in The Hub over the weekend.

Benoit Vibes Friday 1st at 6pm

DJ Lisa J Saturday 2nd at 6pm.

The public are invited to bring along their cassette tapes and compilations to interact with Lisa J’s performance.

Horace Panter – Brian Hegarty 33 45 – Pól McLernon – Terence Hannum  – Diarmaid O’Sullivan – John Smith – Katherine Gibbons – Kate Shelley – Deirdre McKenna – Keith Phelan – Cian O’Cíobháin – Keyrogue – Benoit Vibes – DJ Lisa J


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